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We must seek to end Family Violence. There is no excuse for violence between family members. It is the ultimate breach of trust. We may fall out of love with a family member, but we must always respect them. Intervention Orders (IVOs) are made under the Family Violence Protection Act. An Order is a civil order, but a breach is a serious criminal offence prosecuted by police. Sometimes, police bring applications for IVOs. Often, the Orders are sought in the context of a marriage/relationship break-up. The hearing is in a Magistrates’ court. There are procedural rules which may prevent a party from questioning another party. You will almost certainly have a better chance of obtaining the order, or preventing it from being made, if represented by a lawyer. A lawyer experienced in family and criminal law will help enormously. Family Violence Protection Orders are intended to protect the vulnerable. Powerful conditions are a part of the Order. Conditions include excluding persons from a property, school, or workplace. If you feel threatened and unsafe in your home, if you fear for your child, an order may exclude the perpetrator from the house. Sometimes, this law is used for an ulterior purpose, such as evicting a spouse from the house or denying them time with children, without just cause. If an IVO is obtained during, or before issue of, Family Court proceedings, the Applicant may secure a tactical advantage. I became a lawyer in 1981, and gained wide experience working in country Victoria. I learned about most aspects of the law, and this background helps me to provide constructive solutions to problems. In 1990, I returned to Melbourne and was the principal partner in a Boutique firm specialising in Criminal and Family law. I was drawn to Criminal and Family law, and became a specialist in both those areas. I remain a Criminal Law Specialist, accredited by the LIV. I have been a criminal law Specialist since 1995. I was a Family Law Specialist from 1989 until 2013, when I allowed that specialisation to lapse. I have worked in personal injuries, property, commercial and estate planning legal areas. I have appeared as an advocate in trials and hearings in most courts and tribunals, and am an experienced advocate. Most lawyers don’t have such a broad background, coupled with specialist knowledge. My unique experience is your advantage. I have over thirty years’ experience as a lawyer. If you need help in managing a crisis, or you want advice in delicate commercial and family circumstances, call me. I now practice mainly in Criminal Law, Road Safety/Traffic and Family Violence Protection Act matters. I will provide you with sound advice, and can appear on your behalf in court.

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